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PSNR-HMA is Peak Signal to Noise Ratio taking into account Contrast Sensitivity Function (CSF), between-coefficient contrast masking of DCT basis functions as well as mean shift and contrast changing.

PSNR-HA is the same metric without taking into account constrast masking.

Descriptions of PSNR-HMA and PSNR-HA are given in following paper:

N. Ponomarenko, O. Ieremeiev, V. Lukin, K. Egiazarian, M. Carli, Modified Image Visual Quality Metrics for Contrast Change and Mean Shift Accounting, Proceedings of CADSM, February 2011, Ukraine, pp. 305 - 311.

psnrhma.m (7 Kb) - Matlab source of PSNR-HMA and PSNR-HA calculation.
color_psnrhma.m (1 Kb) - Additional Matlab source for calculation of color version of these metrics (psnrhma.m is also required).

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Last changed: 2011-08-27.